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"Dorothy has been invaluable to me during my ultramarathon training. She has not only done an amazing job with the actual massage work, but has also given me guidance on stretching, behavior modifications, and things I can do to keep my body in top condition outside of just the time I'm on the table. Dorothy is truly concerned with her clients' total health picture and is not just churning through massages all day long. She takes her time to understand you and your unique needs. This has translated into faster, better recovery and more productive training for me as well as a general, overall better physical and mental state. Thank you, Dorothy" - Andria J, Apex, NC


"I had been dealing with right side lower back pain for almost 8 years and had been to 2 other practices with very little to no relief. Dorothy pinpointed the source of my lower back pain in my first session with her. After 4-5 sessions, I can now ride with no pain or discomfort. Dorothy is super knowledgeable, very focused and listens to you and works with you to find the source of your pain or discomfort. I will continue to go to Dorothy for all of my maintenance needs. Thank you Dorothy!" - Meg K, Apex, NC


"I have had a lot of massages through out the years and hands down, Dorothy is one of the best, if not the best. All my massages have been sports massages, but I went to Dorothy for pre-natal. I've had 2 and both times I have walked out of there feeling wonderful and relaxed. She made me feel so pampered and special! She is very professional and really listens to what you have to say. Actually, most of the time she was telling me where I was tight even before I noticed. I am also looking forward to seeing Dorothy once I'm back to myself and training. Because of her personal background as an ultrarunner, it gives her an edge to help relate better with her clients. Not that you have to be an ultrarunner or any type of athete, as her experience, knowledge and dedication can help anyone." - Beth H, Raleigh, NC


"I went to see Dorothy a little over a month ago; I had been experiencing constant pain and limited mobility in my shoulder for almost two years. It was impacting my cycling, sleep and work, and I was concerned that I would need rotator cuff surgery. In the first session, she located the trigger points and worked out my "kinks." I am pain-free and have full range of motion again! I am now seeing her on a regular basis to keep my muscles and tendons healthy and injury-free. Thanks, Dorothy -- you work miracles!" - Susan M, Chapel Hill, NC


"I came to Dorothy with persistent tension headaches as well as lower back soreness from cycling. In a few sessions she alleviated both completely and helped me prevent them from returning. I can't recommend her enough!" - Patrick Q, Durham, NC


"A friend recommended Dorothy at Rapid Recovery. I went to see her when I had some tightness in my hamstrings from running and I was immediately hooked! She is amazing. This is not your normal run-of-the-mill "Swedish" massage. Dorothy KNOWS what she is doing and completely customizes your massage to the areas that are bothering you. Along the way she gives great advice and suggestions on stretching, etc. to keep you loose. I've also been to see her for a nasty case of plantar fasciitis and she is taking great care of me. I would recommend Dorothy without any hesitation whatsoever." - Jen M, Raleigh, NC


"I've had a LOT of deep tissue massages in my day, but none seemed to get to the root of the problem. I'd feel better for a day or two and then the problem would recur. And then I found Dorothy. She's accomplished in a few sessions more than other massage therapists have been able to do in years. Her ability to find trigger points is fantastic. But even better, she has a great understanding of physiology; she knows that just approaching a symptom might not fix the underlying problem. She is able to help the symptom AND treat the underlying cause. And as an ultra runner, she has a great understanding of an athlete's needs. Pure and simple, Dorothy rocks!!" - Laura H, Chapel Hill, NC


"As a "newbie" to sports massages, i didn't know what to expect. after a few sessions with Dorothy, however, i am completely hooked! now i realize the benefits of regular massage therapy visits together with daily stretching. my longstanding IT band/quad issues are gradually healing. thank you Dorothy!!" Cid G, Chapel Hill, NC


"I highly recommend Rapid Recovery Sports Massage! I bicycle a lot and stand for long hours at my job. I was having pain and tightness in my hips and had considerable relief after just one visit. I like that Dorothy takes continuing education to improve her skills regularly.She really knows her stuff and wants to help you feel better." - Chris P, Apex, NC


"I have been dealing with a bulging disc for just about 2 years and have tried all types of physical therapy, acupuncture, medication, shots and none of these options have made a difference. I am active in running and biking and the pain in my back and down my leg made these activities difficult. Dorothy's husband, a fellow biker, let me know about Rapid Recovery. After the first visit, I noticed a difference. After a follow-up visit, I was hooked! My ability to ride and run harder for longer was significantly better. Dorothy addresses the whole body and educates you as to how all the muscles work together. I didn't think I would be able to continue with some activities as I'd like, but I have been able to race every cyclocross race this season pain free - whereas the previous season was in constant pain. Dorothy is very talented and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to any active person looking for some relief or body maintenance!" - Sherri N, Durham, NC



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